TRX Bandit rubber grips and 3 resistance bands
Man using TRX Bandit for arm exercises
man performing TRX bandit exercise
Man working outside with a TRX bandit
 TRX bandit in a household setting.
Man performing arm exercise with a TRX bandit
TRX Bandit®

TRX Bandit®

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    Two (2) handles
    Two (2) 5-15lb Strength Bands
    Two (2) 15-30lb Strength Bands

Put your whole gym in your backpack and add precision to your resistance training!

The TRX BANDIT® is a universal-fit handle that attaches to one or more Strength Bands for better comfort, control, and performance.

With an ergonomic handle design the TRX BANDIT literally gives you a grip on your strength band to improve how you perform a movement—no more stretchy plastic digging uncomfortably into your palms. Best paired with TRX Strength Bands but can be used with any resistance band. Instantly makes resistance training easier, more effective, and efficient.

Why TRX Made It:

  • Makes resistance training easier, more effective, and more efficient
  • Eliminates “hand to band” pinching, pulling, and discomfort
  • Use for strength, endurance, and mobility
  • Lightweight and travel-ready for on-the-go workouts
  • Easy-on design plus durable rubber for a slip-free, secure grip
  • Gives the option of handle-free movements when wanted
  • Same proven materials as the TRX® Suspension Trainer
  • TRX BANDIT® workouts available in the TRX® Training Club app
  • 6-year warranty